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                                  Download Shadowsocks - softpedia:2021-5-11 · Download Shadowsocks - Surf the Internet securely and anonymously using an industry level encryption algorithms or your own secure proxy servers using this app


                                  Two Cadets commit to MC

                                  Fort Frye volleyball preparing for 2020 season

                                  BEVERLY — Everything is going about as well as can be expected for the Fort Frye High School volleyball program of second-year head coach Emily ...

                                  Federal funds needed to support hydropower

                                  With all the talk about renewable energy in America, we have heard little about one old reliable source — hydropower. Fortunately, though hydroelectricity seems to ...

                                  The 2020 Census is still waiting. Fill it out.

                                  Had a lot on your mind lately? You’re not alone. The past several months have been difficult for most Mid-Ohio Valley residents as a deadly ...


                                  An affiliate of Peak Rock Capital (“Peak Rock”), a leading middle-market private equity firm, announced today that it has sold ProFusion Industries ...


                                  GRANTSVILLE — A local health care executive has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Stephen Whited, CEO of Minnie Hamilton Health System, ...

                                  Matamoras Minute: Fourth of July tragedies

                                  This week we take a look at the more tragic events of July 4th in Matamoras. The holiday seems to hold some degree of recklessness for the area. There are three ...

                                  维简网-向世界分享我的生活与见解:2021-1-15 · SS-Panel(V3)魔改版是热心网友基于V3再次开发出来的版本,他在原来的基础上做了大量的改进和强化,使得Shadowsocks的多用户管理面板更加的方便与强大。 我之前有写过V2的安装教程,但是发现还是有很多的网友对V3也很有需求,考虑...

                                  Issues · shadowsocks/shadowsocks-windows · GitHub:shadowsocks / shadowsocks-windows. Watch 2.6k Star 49.6k Fork 15.7k Code. Issues 49. Pull requests 8. Actions Projects 2; Wiki Security Insights Code. Issues 49. Pull requests 8. Projects 2. Actions. Wiki. Security. Pulse Pinned issues Translation help wanted #2750 ...


                                  The Trail Blazer 4-H had a meeting July 23 at Barlow Fairgrounds. There were nine members and nine guests present for the non-horse members. American Pledge was led ...

                                  Muskingum Garden Club meets for July

                                  Marietta’s newest Little Free Library

                                  Annual Habitat fundraiser

                                  For the past 20 years, Habitat for Humanity has held a dinner and auction to support its house building efforts. This year, a dedication will be held at the dinner ...

                                  Pancake Days returns

                                  Museum to host Gunmakers and Allied Artists Show

                                  ShadowsocksShadowsocks客户端4.1.10.0无广告官方版 ...:2021-5-29 · 部分用户反映无法打开GitHub对应的下载链接,我把Android、WIndows、Mac版本的客户端安装包都已经打包好供大家下载。 如果下不下来可以可以留言邮箱发送(android是4.5版本的apk,Mac是1.7.1版本的NG客户端,Windows是2.5版本的可运行文件exe),最新版的客户端地址还是要去上面的链接 …

                                  COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Federal authorities came away with a photograph, a phone and a calendar after they executed a search warrant Friday in the Statehouse office ...

                                  Authorities unsure about what caused missing woman's death

                                  ShadowsocksR简明使用教程 - Jimmy's Blog:2021-8-4 · 下载链接 旧版Windows & Android: 百度网盘 密码: tmp2 解压密码为 注:Windows的4.8.0和Android的3.5.1及以后版本并非破娃酱更改、编译,请了解可能的风险(不稳定、打包证书不同等)之后再下载,不过博主已测试,没有问题。 iOS ...

                                  Which should the Marietta City Schools Board of Education put on the general election ballot?

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